Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Fabulous Vacation

We're back!  Three helpful kids, two helpless geckos, two beastly dogs, six large states, countless miles over six weeks of summer vacationing... I'm sharing random pictures from my mobile phone while I figure out where to start on this mess of luggage and laundry that we've created. 
Joey's sah-weet haircut: Air Force proud!
Had a little fun pranking an unsuspecting friend on his birthday!
She knew exactly what she wanted.
First time in a nail salon.  Mine, not hers.
Pedicure for this hippie!
Had a great time at the Living Planet Aquarium.
And enjoyed some cuddle time.
Uncle Zeke brought by his newest little guy for a visit.
His name is Wilson.
...and he's SO STINKIN' CUTE!
Played "Nice Mommy"...
...and "Bad Mommy".
Wore these two buggers right out...
on a daily basis!
Enjoyed a four day road trip with no kids,
no dogs, no worries!
Covered A LOT of miles across the Southwest,
and sadly, we saw too, too many fires raging.

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