Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Buggy's End of Year Celebrations

What can I say about this little go-getter of mine? Well, for one, she's not so little anymore! This is a quick compilation of her end of middle school celebrations. She had an amazing orchestra concert and spent her finaal first chair performance as a middle schooler. She said farewell to her beloved teacher Miss Blass. She had a blast with her friends and leaders in National Jr. Honor Society and Student Council preparing for the school-wide play day, Wowapalooza. Then she was presented with the Principal's Honor Roll for three years of all "A" grades and the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. Well done Bug, we are so proud of your determination, big heart and amazing achievements.

XO - Jess

Monday, May 11, 2015

That Time Grandma Broke Her Foot {mobile monday}

Grandma broke her foot while on a quick trip to Utah.... boo! Six weeks til she can maybe start walking on it. The kids do quite enjoy pushing her around in the wheelchair though.

- Jess