Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Playing Catch Up via Mobile Phone Shots

I'm sharing a few mobile phone shots today as I am playing catch up in every direction.  School started two weeks ago - everyone is doing well so far... but then the homework hasn't quite started coming in yet... so we'll see.  Football started three weeks ago - so far it's been conditioning, bruises, ear-to-ear grins, mud, grass stains, mosquitoes, late nights, and more mud.  And it's been a bit hectic around here for a good month - trying to get it all in. 
Monsoon season brings out the toads.  Toads bigger than my fist... which is big enough for me.  This guy welcomed Freckle Face one night as she came home from babysitting.  Too afraid to startle it in the wrong direction (more on that in a minute) she decided to enter through the garage.  The next morning the toad was gone and had left a nice fat present in front of the door for us.... grrr!
Speaking of critters going in the wrong direction... this little guy was warming in the sun on the front door one afternoon.  I didn't see him as I opened the door and trying to escape me, he jumped a few feet into the wrong direction, landing in the middle of the front room, then took off running.  The dogs went ballistic, crashing into walls and furniture.  After about five minutes I found him hiding from the dogs in a crease of the curtains.  He was so small that he could've easily hidden in the house for weeks undiscovered.  It's a good thing Copper has a sharp eye and Daisy has a hound's nose.
Daisy was not too happy about being told off for constantly laying on the bottom of the curtains causing the rod to bend and the whole window treatment to come crashing down.  I had to line large items up in front of the window to keep her from trying to lay there.  She whined for a few days, then laid her head on my lap every time I sat at my desk - looking at me with sad defeated eyes.  Eventually she settled for UNDER the desk - only she doesn't quite fit... so several times a day she gets a kick or a nudge or a tail or ear ran over with the wheels of my chair... none of it seems to phase her anyway.
I recently picked up a couple of inexpensive yard sale "props" - which I used to block the curtains from Daisy's napping.  After a week or so, she got over it and was content with sleeping wherever she stopped walking.  Literally - stop, drop and snore - as the kids say!
These two have been glued to my side since school started... and oh. my. gosh!  I can't get anything done.  This was my attempt at 4:30am yoga - obviously I gave up.
And this last one (super grainy, sorry) is from when the kids got home from a two week trip to Utah to visit grandmas and grandpas - without mom and the dogs.  They were sorely missed.  We all piled on Freckle Face's tiny bed for a big group hug.  Daisy took up the most room - go figure!

XOXO - Jess

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Locks of Love Donation

My little Bug donated 11.5" of her hair to the charity organization Locks of Love which provides hair pieces for children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

Happy Thursday!
- Jess