Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Day at the Hogle Zoo

The zoo is another one of those "hit and miss" places with me.  I go there with the high expectation of seeing wild, exotic animals doing crazy things and I get excited about the possibility of being able to get pictures of it all.  Well, let's face it... the zoo is usually miserably hot and smelly and it's full of boring, napping, uninterested animals.  Even if you're patient, it's rare to get something cool on camera.  Although, last year's trip to the zoo was quite eventful and has forever imprinted in my children's minds the image of giraffe mating.  No camera necessary for that one... they STILL talk about it. Ha ha!!!
Ahh!! We were big fans of Meerkat Manor a few years ago while we were stationed overseas and started checking the season box sets out from the library.  Makes me want to start watching them again. Adorable and interesting little creatures!
Seeing the Grizzly Bear emerge was one of those impressive and entertaining moments.  I wasn't interested in watching "sleeping bears" so I continued past the crowd of crazy kids, bulky strollers, and absent-minded parents and found an open window to the bear enclosure.  After a patient wait, I saw this guy come out from behind his log and start playing with the orange construction cone.  And sure enough as soon as I excitedly pull out my camera for some "good" pictures... the mob of noisy watchers hurried to press up against the window.  Oh well.  I'm happy to have got the few pictures that I did... I'll be posting some more of the bear later.

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