Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Summer, Week 4 {mobile monday}

The girls spent an amazing week at Camp Zion on Mount Lemmon with our Stake, hiking, crafting, sharing, growing, and working on their community service projects.  This snapshot is of the girls and their beloved youth leaders from our ward.  They came home dirty, tired and full of the spirit.

Meanwhile, Monkey Boy and I spent the week watching Ancient Aliens and Star Wars, playing video games and staying out of the dreaded Arizona summer heat.  We took him and best bud Christopher to Rocks + Ropes, an indoor rock climbing adventure in Tucson... wore them right out!

- Jess

Saturday, June 13, 2015

California Gulch + a bit of Monsoon Season

Summer has been very low key around our place the last three weeks. Freckle Face started her first job working with the city through the art program at the district to create a mural for part of the underground crossing between north and south Sahuarita Road. She has enjoyed working on the project, although I suspect she is relieved to know that it doesn't go on all summer - she's realizing it's just as much work as getting up for school, if not more being up and ready super early in the morning and staying on your feet working all day measuring and cutting tiles, drawing and laying out plans, painting, etc. it really is WORK, lol!

We make a Jeep trip with the Bishops out past Arivaca to the California Gulch area near Ruby, AZ and Pena Blanca Lake. It was HOT and dusty... like really really dusty. We missed the area we were shooting for but found it on our way back from the trail. Well at least we know how to find it, so we
can go back and have a look around another time - maybe after it has rained sometime so we don't
have to breathe hot, dry desert clay-dust. It was still nice to finally get out and enjoy a little Jeep adventure, even if we couldn't find the right trail and landmarks.

Other than that, things have been fairly quiet around here. Buggy has decided she would like to follow her big sister's footsteps and join the NJROTC this coming school year... which had lead to her deciding she better start practicing her physical training NOW so that she's a little more prepared for the end of summer Hell Week that hits everyone like a ton of bricks if they're enjoying the lazy summer a little too much. She and I have started a walk-to-run program, running at 5am three days a week. It has been rough some mornings, but it feels good to get back into a routine that resembles some more of our family normalcy after the crazy year that we've already had.

Monsoon season has officially begun... temps have already reached 110 *F and we've had a few short bursts of rain. I love this time of year, even though it's insanely hot - the storms are phenomenal and there's really no words for the brilliant sunsets monsoon season brings... I can't wait to capture some this summer.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer too!
XO - Jess

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Buggy's End of Year Celebrations

What can I say about this little go-getter of mine? Well, for one, she's not so little anymore! This is a quick compilation of her end of middle school celebrations. She had an amazing orchestra concert and spent her finaal first chair performance as a middle schooler. She said farewell to her beloved teacher Miss Blass. She had a blast with her friends and leaders in National Jr. Honor Society and Student Council preparing for the school-wide play day, Wowapalooza. Then she was presented with the Principal's Honor Roll for three years of all "A" grades and the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. Well done Bug, we are so proud of your determination, big heart and amazing achievements.

XO - Jess