Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Version of "March Madness" {mobile monday}

You know when you don't hear from me in awhile it's because I've been out-of-my-mind busy.  I KNOW!!!  and I prepare for this month, but it always seems to get me anyways.

SO - until I can catch my breath and find my mind, I'll be posting randomness from my iphone.  I do however have some great images to share later - some of this glorious desert in bloom this spring, some of my beautiful Bug in preparation for Junior Miss Arizona pageant, and many more to come.  I'll be sharing lots more later, promise!

Monkey Boy got some more gear for his 'tactical' paintball outings.  I believe it's now officially too hot out, and the snakes are also on the prowl so they'll be done paintballing again until the late fall.

Buggy and her cheer team were invited to cheer on Monkey Boy's school at a pep rally in preparation for their state testing that begins this week. Monkey Boy was recognized for meeting standards for Math and Reading from last year's testing.

And a little funny here: as I was teaching her about safe use of a curling iron, I happened to burn my good and blistery.  Way to go, Mom.  I also left the kitchen burner cooking a pot full of rice unattended this weekend too... another "DON'T do as I do, but DO as I SAY" parenting moment.

Buggy thought this mis-sewn chair cover at the dollar store was hilarious.  She's always stealing my iphone to take pictures of stuff while we are shopping.  I do apologize to the people in the parking lot of Walmart... that's her favorite place to spot humorous things.

We also finished up Red Nose Day pictures - which totally kicked my butt this year.  We did very well, I just need to learn to say "no" and manage my time a little better over spring break next year.  I also got to photograph some adorable siblings with these 'borrowed' chicks and this tiny bunny.  I pretty much shot on continuous mode the entire hour and  a half.  I've never filled a whole card up with one session, but it was a little chaotic to say the least.  That's going to make for too many hours of culling this week, but the results will hopefully be wonderful and worth the time and energy.

More mobile phone photos... I had almost 5 inches cut off a couple of weeks ago.  Seems like a lot, but it looks A LOT healthier now.  And with my preoccupation over the last couple of weeks, things have started to get pretty messy around here... and covered in dog hair.  But I can't stay mad too long, just look at those two cuties.  Love my puppies!
Monkey Boy finished up his requirements for his Outdoorsman and is set to receive his Arrow of Light in two weeks!  Here, he's cooking his own dinner in the backyard fire pit.  

And lastly, General Conference was this weekend.  It was nice to be home, watching and listening from the comfort of our own home - we are truly fortunate to have that privilege.  Although, I must say this 'staying home' from church business has just added to the 'mess' that March has left us.

Time for this momma to hit the laundry, dog bathing and brushing, and the dusting and vacuuming for sure!
XOXO - Jess

Friday, March 28, 2014

And Baby Boy, Makes Three! {favorite friday}

[New Mexico 2003]
I will forever LOVE this picture, and the people in it.  My! How time flies.  Cliche?  Completely.  But so very true.  Sadly, true.  Monkey Boy will be eleven next month... he'll have earned his Arrow of Light and completed his Faith in God requirements; he'll be finishing up his last year of primary school and headed into junior high.  Yikes!  And don't even get me started on the fact that Freckle Face will be starting her first year of high school.  YES - HIGH SCHOOL!!!  It's a good thing I'm not an emotional gal or I'd probably be a wreck right now.  Happy Friday, peeps... hope your weekend is fun-filled and full of great moments.

-  Jess

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sand From The Beach

I wish I could be on a sandy beach somewhere far away; but this will have to do for now.  We are still alive and well... just trying to find where 'normal' went while we were on Spring Break last week.  I'll be back to posting all about it, just as soon as I catch some normalcy. 

- Jess

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mom's Bathroom Sink {favorite friday}

[Utah 2000]

Rewind 13.25 years... Freckle Face's favorite place to hang out while mom got something worth doing accomplished.  Washcloths, running water, knobs, mouth rinse cups, toothbrushes and a mirror are all a nine-month old needs to keep herself entertained.