Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brunette Family Party

Since Military Man was only going to be "in town" for a couple of days, we threw together a quick Brunette family gathering at the park before we left for Arizona.  We also tried to get a family picture, which proved a little difficult... understandably with THAT many families involved - each going in their own direction, and our  available light fading away - waiting to take the picture until ALL PARTIES had arrived!  Whew! I think we did OK considering the situation.  Devon was the only one that couldn't make it, and our kids were a little disappointed.  We didn't get to see him or his adorable little kids, nor Beau's boys - they were all with their mothers out of town for the week.  Their most favorite, lovable cousin Bryce came with his fiance and made the kids' night.  They've missed him SO MUCH.
Hard to believe that Jacob is Joey's younger by 6 months.  Cousin BFF's.
My little diva.  Honestly!!!
Our girls LOVED all the time they got to spend with cousin Kacie this summer.  She's such a great kid.
The kids weren't the only ones making it difficult for a nice picture.
We ate, ran around, ate some more, laughed a lot, and played kickball... didn't even stop for the rain.  It was a bit slippery, but SO MUCH FUN!

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