Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Culprit

After a couple of weeks of my coming home to curtains half-hanging from the rods, blinds disheveled, and furniture in disarray every time I left the house... I have finally found the culprit of this mess.

The instigator, THIS CAT has been taunting - teasing - provoking the dogs from the safety of 'outside'.  Little does this naughty little kitty know, Copper is capable of opening the front door handle all on his own if it is not locked.  Hmmm... clever kitty better just watch out because I may just accidentally forget to lock it next time I run out on an errand and save myself the headache of rearranging the room every time he is spotted.

And there he sits diligent.  Observing.  Waiting for an opportunity to give chase.  (Seriously, he's spent the last two days like in this spot watching that dumb cat lay around in the yard).

XOXO - Jess

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