Sunday, February 16, 2014

Combat Paintball

There are seven strategically positioned players, (five in view) in the image above.   Can you spot them?   It's unbelievable how well they blend in with the elements, but I suppose that is the point.  Military Man and the kids have enjoyed several weekends of paintball in desert over the last couple of months, and last weekend I finally decided to join them - but just as a spectator.  I attempted photographing the action, but honestly, they hid too well and the images just weren't that interesting.  It was however awesome to watch from a distance, and witness their strategies unfold.  Sometimes opponents had no idea how close they really were to each other because they were so good at sneaking in on the defenders.  I suppose they'll have a few more weeks of this before it becomes too hot out and the rattlesnakes start reclaiming the territory.  Hope you all have a great weekend! - XO - Jess

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