Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the Gilbert Temple Open House.  Crowds of curious people and long lines were expected... but it was worth every minute of our seven hour trip - especially on such a beautiful winter morning.  We thought it would be great to take the kids inside so they could see all of the rooms, not just the baptismal font where they can go when they're 12.  The girls were just babies (23 and 7 months old) when they entered the temple for the first time in Manti Utah, so naturally they don't remember the experience.  And all three of them have been outside on the temple grounds of several temples while Sam and I went inside for ordinance work.  Since Freckle Face turned 12, she's had the pleasure of doing baptisms in both the Gila Valley and Mesa Temples here in Arizona and she was excited to be able to count this newly completed one with the others.  She was eager to show her brother and sister what she knew about the temple.  We met some friends from our ward there, the Gardner family, and were able to go through the tour with some familiar faces.  Buggy found her place being a 'big helper' to the Gardner's three little kids.  I knew it was going to be a bit much for the introvert in me with the big crowds and so much to see and reflect on, so I didn't really plan to take any pictures but I did bring my camera just in case.  The Gardeners were nice enough to snap a couple pictures of our family after the tour.

To see more images of the temple and to learn more about the purpose of temples, visit the links below:
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Have a great weekend everybody!
XOXO - Jess

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