Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hot Rod - Pack 313 Pinewood Derby

I made the decision awhile back that when it comes to certain activities the kids are involved in, it's best for me to leave the camera at home and not worry about taking pictures.  When I did take my camera I felt like I was missing the fun because I was too busy trying to capture everything.  Besides, I couldn't really get the kind of pictures I wanted without being a nuisance or a distraction to everyone around me.  Anyways... this was one of those activities where we just take a picture afterwards and enjoy our time while there. 

Monkey Boy's certificate was the "Hot Rod Award" and although he didn't have a very fast car again this year, he didn't seem to mind much - I think he really only participates because that's what his troop is doing that week for their scout activity.  He won 3rd place for Webelos and gets to go on to the Regional Pinewood Derby next weekend.  (I should mention the placement was by default as there are actually only three boys in his group).  He doesn't expect to win any races at regional, but he's excited to go see all the really cool car designs and find out who does win.  (Did I also mention we live in an area full of engineer nerds? Not that it matters but I think that's part of the reason his pinewood derby cars just aren't competitively fast... that, and he just doesn't have much interest in it).

- Jess

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