Monday, February 10, 2014

Elusive Cardinals

The area I was in when I heard the commotion of these beautiful birds was not ideal for spotting a thing, dumb! dense! brush!  You'd think with the branches being bare this time of year that it would be much easier to spot the bright red cardinals as they were swooshing around above my head.  Before I realized what was making such noise all around me, I'll admit I was a little afraid because I was alone and in an unfamiliar area.  Then of course a huge, silly sigh of relief came after I saw that they were just birds, probably upset that I was advancing through their neck of the woods.  Remembering I had my camera, I then tried like crazy to capture a shot worthy of bragging about.  I was not so fortunate... they smartly stayed just far enough away to make me frustrated enough to give up.

Until next time, you coy little birdies...
XO - Jess

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