Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Surprises

Valentine's week, as always, was absolutely wonderful this year as I fully enjoy spoiling my family with special love notes and sweet treats.  We also received a few packages in the mail from loving grandparents - loaded with all sorts of goodies.
Sam kicked off the Valentine week early with a stop by the Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe - just moments after being discharged from the hospital with special diet instructions... One of the many reasons I LOVE him so - he feeds my rebel side, and knows it wants CAKE!!!
Grandma couldn't leave the dogs out when she sent her package of treats and they are two very thankful, happy puppies... and now two very smelly puppies with gas.
The kids got "educational make-it-yourself" kits.  Freckle Face got the "Pamper Your Dog" and set out to beautiful Miss Daisy.  I thought it would've been better if she'd cleaned Copper up a little given he had a veterinary appointment this week and could use a little sprucing up.  But he was having no part of that pampering party.
Buggy immediately set out making her own gum... and a few messes with her "Bubble Gum Factory".  But I won't complain - she had fun and cleaned up after herself. 
Monkey Boy got LEGOS... loves LEGOS so much.  And again, he also cleaned up after himself, leaving no small parts behind for me to step on.  Good boy!
For the kids, I found these free printable jokes on Pinterest from Sprik Space and decided to combine them with a couple of Hershey's hugs and kisses to send in their lunch boxes each day this week.  I didn't realize at the time that the website had separate Valentine related jokes, so they got the regular ones. 
One evening Sam and I enjoyed a dinner date at Old Pueblo Grille in Tucson.  And for the kids we took them to see Star Wars I in 3-D.  They never get to see movies in the theater, so it was an extra special treat!
I crafted this fun little book I found on Pinterest from Totally Tutorials for my hubby.  It was sort of a pain to make because I made the darn thing so thick it made using my old hole-puncher struggle to function.  And it was actually difficult to narrow it down to just 52 reasons why I love him so much.  I had to cross quite a few reasons off my list - trying to keep a balance of sentimental, fun and quirky reasons on the cards.
Sam's special surprise for me was a trip to the jeweler's.  He and the kids took my wedding ring in to be repaired.  Sadly, they found a tiny crack in the underside of the diamond, and they were unable to do the repairs Sam had taken it in for.  Once I was assured that despite the prongs being slightly bent, the diamond would not fall out of the setting - I decided I would wear it again.  I had been keeping it safely tucked away for a couple of years as I was worried about losing the diamond.  It's nice to wear it again.

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