Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old Tucson Studios, part II

I don't know any other horse thief that would be smiling after being shot dead :)  ...but at least she was participating in the family fun.
Let me tell you about this stage... You see, we arrived for our day-of-fun quite early; we were allowed admittance, but none of the "activities/shows" were happening yet.  There were a few other "early arrivers" wandering around too, but the place was pretty quite and empty.  We had free reign of the place, as witnessed above by Miss Ashley Bug dancing on the stage.  After a while we heard a roar of laughter coming from this stage where we'd just visited.  Walking in, it was suddenly packed with people.  We found some seats in the back corner and settled in.  I knew something was up the moment we walked in because the man on stage kept looking at me - even from a distance I could tell he was targeting me for something.  Turns out I was right!  His assistant took my red-faced, somewhat petrified self up to center stage to be part of the skit.  SOOO not my kind of thing!!!  As terrified as I was, I went along with it because I knew if I put my resistant shyness aside - it would be fun, and my family would enjoy seeing me as the poor sucker that got picked on to be made fun of.  Yep!  That's what happened... 15 minutes of me embarrassing myself for all the audience to see!  It actually wasn't too bad, plus I got a bottle of the traveling salesman's elixir out of it!

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