Friday, February 10, 2012

Deployment Group

Yesterday Military Man was invited to speak at the school about his job for the kids' Deployment Group.  These kids have a parent, sometimes both, stationed in diverse parts of the world, honoring service in all branches of the military.  He showed them places he's been and talked about the differences in culture, governments and environment.  He brought along equipment, photographs and maps for the kids to see.  They had a lot of questions.
Since he's also a history major and enjoys collecting cultural artifacts and souvenirs from the places he's traveled to, he brought a few things to share with the kids.  The students' favorites were the wooden puzzle box from Honduras and the different South American currencies.  I didn't realize the kids would be so interested in foreign money.
 He showed them how they test the jet fuel for discrepancies with ultra-violet light.
"Room - stand by!"

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