Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Woes of Training Daisy

Daisy had no problem fitting right right into our energetic and fun-loving family.  Training her on the other hand has been a bit of a bumpy road.  Maybe I'm lacking in patience, as I probably expect her to understand the routine as well as Copper does.  Even me learning simple commands in Spanish - which she seemed to most excitedly respond to, has not made much of a difference - I unfortunately lack the accent.  Walks are a bit of a fiasco... the first 400-500 yards are me yelling "halt!" which Copper understands as "stop pulling!" while Daisy continues to drag me along.  I know Copper gets annoyed with her.  He was trained to stay left, and she wanders from side to side - often stopping in front of him, then he has to go underneath her to continue moving on.  It's quite the event every time we leave together.  When it's time to head home the walk back is spent telling her to "come on!" as she's most definitely runs out of steam by then and is happily but lazily moseying along - making another annoyance for Copper as he likes to keep moving at a steady pace.  It's... comical.  Hopefully we can establish a routine that works for all three of us soon!

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