Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joey's First Pinewood Derby

Father and son took to the "Awesome Garage" to start on Monkey Boy's Pinewood Derby car.  The sawdust was awfully irritating for his eczema-prone skin, but he quickly got the hang of the mitre saw and had quite a good time molding the block of wood into the shape he designed. 
He could hardly contain his excitement in anticipation of the event... two weeks is a long time to wait!  Unfortunately the excitement faded shortly after check-in.  His car did not weigh enough, and whilst adding more weight the car split.  The result was a qualifying weigh-in, but a wobbly car for the poor kid.  Race after race, we watched as his countenance changed from excitement to disappointment. 
His derby car did not do so well, but we were so proud of the way that he carried himself through the frustration.  He was a very good sport about the whole thing.
"Sportiest Car"

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