Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skateboard Shelves & Hanging Medals

Freckle Face has been patiently waiting for me to get her room organized and painted.  Finally, it is done!  She picked a lovely lavender color that matches her bedding and furniture perfectly.  We made a few changes, besides painting of course, like taking the bottom bunk bed out entirely so she could use that space beneath the top bunk for her bins and pet gecko, Peanut.  She also put her large college dorm chair under there which makes a perfect reading/homework nook.  Next, we uncluttered her desk area and put everything in easy pull-out Rubbermaid bins.  We mounted the mini-skateboards to be used as shelves for displaying her various souvenirs from her many adventures over the years.  Lastly, we hung all her medals from a planting hook - which I like so much better than when she would hang them from the skateboard wheels.  I'm very happy to have the project complete, and she's happy about the way it all turned out.   
This poster was made by yours truly for her upon the request of her fun-loving and supportive 5th grade teacher.  The students were facing rigorous testing and her thoughtful teacher wanted each student's parent to make an encouraging poster for their child.  Freckle Face's was the most simple, yet the most talked about poster in the group!  I am happy she still wants it hanging in her room :)

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