Thursday, November 1, 2012

Parade of Halloween Costumes

Costumes this year were all over the place.  Our family theme was the Powerpuff Girls, Freckle Face being the perfect fit for "Buttercup."  She also dressed as a "nerd" for a couple of parties and at school.

 Monkey Boy played the part of "nerd" all too well for all his Halloween events.

Buggy was "Bubbles" and I was "Blossom".
These cuties were the inspiration behind the family-themed Halloween costumes this year.  I'd been trying for years to talk them all into going along with the Powerpuff Girls theme, but they refused.  I finally nagged them enough, they said yes.  Unfortunately we had so many appointments and activities going on that we didn't get to wear the costumes I made all at the same time for the same occasion. Military Man was going to be "Professor Utonium," and Monkey Boy was going to be "Mojo-Jojo."  But like I said, too many busy schedules, left for multiple costume changes.  At our ward BBQ & Trunk-or-Treat they wore their paintball clothes and painted their faces in camouflage but sadly I didn't get any pictures of that.


I asked one of the neighborhood kids to take a picture of the three of us "Powerpuff Girls" together before they ditched me and went off running around the neighborhood with their friends.  And Dad showed up a little while later wearing the child-sized "Mojo-Jojo" costume.  I was pretty pleased with the costumes I made this year, so I'm glad the "Mojo-Jojo" costume got some wear in before being thrown back into the Halloween costume stash.

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