Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mom's Gone Crazy

So when I was breaking a sweat trying to lug no more than five large bins marked "Christmas" into the house from the garage, the kids were snickering and wondering if I'd lost my mind.  Halloween was still set up outside on the front porch, and Thanksgiving decorations were displayed in the front room.  Monkey Boy even asked, "since we're moving during Christmas, does that mean that we're just going to have Christmas early, before we leave?"  "No son, I'm working on a project and the images I have from last year just won't do, so I'm setting up Christmas decorations to take some pictures."  It definitely feels weird though to have the tree decorated and it's only the first week of November. 

The reason for the seasonally early images is because I'm doing a beginning photography workshop next month, and wanted to get a head start on "promotional" side of things while I have random days here and there when I'm not working on other photography projects or preparing for our overseas move. 

Workshop information is on the Spanish Sky Photography blog and can be seen HERE.  Happy Tuesday friends... and don't forget to get out there and VOTE - you cannot complain if you don't do your part!!!

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