Friday, November 30, 2012

Redington Pass Jeep Trail

We recently "squeezed" another Jeep adventure into our hectic schedule.  This time we headed northeast of Tucson out to Chimney Rock by way of Redington Pass.  The kids were relieved that it wasn't a LONG ride and they had a great time exploring the endless mountains of rock.  All this mom could think about was making sure they were wisely steering clear of rattlesnakes and not falling off any cliffs with all their running and leaping around from rock to rock.  Dad had his fun too, navigating around the area in his Jeep.  I think if we ever do finally get out of here and on our way overseas like we've been planning, it's going to be difficult to give up his beloved Jeep (again)!

And this one seriously made me nervous - with only two wheels touching solid surface, and axles bending in opposite directions - I wasn't sure if I needed to be a "spotter" or be the "photographer" and take the pictures... I missed both job callings by way of anxiety.

Military Man and the kids hiking Chimney Rock.

 Came across some beautiful and unamused horses grazing along the road.

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