Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catching Up On Sessions

This cute young momma couldn't get over how adorable her little man was in all of his pictures. See more of their session images on the Spanish Sky Photography Blog through the link below.

The Larson family is always so fun to work with - Mom is creative and determined and the girlies are just so darn cute!  See more images and read about their most recent session here:
Dolls in Denim

And I am so in love with the colors this momma chose for her family - even though she'd never been to the location we were going to be taking her family's photos, she did a fantastic job and it all coordinated nicely!  Read about our adventures last weekend on the Spanish Sky Photography Blog post here:
Going With The Flow

And last but not least, the incredibly cool Whetten family - their session can be viewed here:
Family Fun Day

...and I'll be posting more session images again next week! 

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