Friday, April 27, 2012

Authors Night at SIS

The family attended Bug's "Meet The Authors Night" last week.  This is a snapshot of her and her beloved 5th grade teacher, Mr. DeGroot.  Buggy's book is a detailed description of our family's adventurous spring holiday break in Scotland.  She dedicated the book "to her Daddy - for taking her amazing places."

We recently had a family discussion about the options available to Military Man as he is nearing the "could get orders at anytime" phase of this station.  One option would be a bold move from active duty to reserve and contract civilian employment, and another would be an over-seas assignment again.  It didn't surprise me that Buggy was the only child that wholeheartedly voted for the continuation of active-duty service and consistent moves around the world.  She LOVES the mystery and excitement that accompanies PCSes.  The good news is, we HAVE options - and that's a wonderful blessing.

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