Friday, March 30, 2012

Scene From Napolean Dynamite

This is what happens when the kids try to duplicate a scene from a family favorite cult film Napolean Dynamite.  Here's how it went down: Freckle Face convinced my delicate Bug to strap on her roller blades and hang on to a rope tied to the bike.  I am glad I didn't see the actual crash and burn because the way it was detailed to me, and the way I found her laying face down in the street - I definitely would have totally freaked out.  Buggy is fine, sorely bruised but otherwise unaffected.  Good grief!

Oh, and I am soooo sick of Kip's "Dang it!" being repeated - in that nerdy, nasal voice 50 thousand times a day!!!  Spring Break was certainly a patience-building week for me.

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