Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breaking Out

The dogs have cleverly figured out how to open the bedroom door where I leave them when I have to run an errand.  Stupid fancy levers instead of round door knobs - of course any thumb-less creature could get it open!  It all started last week while I was bathing Daisy, Copper discovered that pawing at the lever would release the latch and the door would swing open.  Then again one morning when I was leaving to walk Daisy (I walk them separately now), Copper excitedly got out twice racing to the front door before I could escape with Daisy.  And today I came home to two wagging tails, a shoe, a paper bag and a stuffed animal left out on the rug.  Daisy is usually left in her crate when I leave, but lately I've given her a little bit of freedom and allowed her to be in the room with Copper since she's been really good.  I feel bad locking her in the crate because she so willingly hangs out in there quite often anyways - usually for naps or when she wants to be left alone.  Well, I will have to figure something else out since a dog can only wander around the house for so long before he/she starts finding trouble!

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