Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Lions That Wouldn't

Thursday evening we were treated to Buggy's performance in "The Lions That Wouldn't" with her summer theatre group at the Joyner-Green Valley Library.  I video recorded a couple of scenes in the performance, but didn't take pictures.  I know I can do both at the same time but I would have spent the entire time working the electronics instead of watching the performance, and I already don't like being 'one of those' people with the camera the whole time.  Awhile back (at one of Buggy's orchestra concerts) I realized that it's far better to sit back and enjoy the show as it's happening, and to let the "after show" shots with friends and costumes will be enough documentation.  Anyhow, she did jump ahead in her lines a couple of times and then started giggling with the other lion in the last scene... but it still went well and we are proud of her eagerness to jump right in and try new things.  The kids ALL worked really hard and did a wonderful job!  And kudos to Sara for her first time teaching a children's theatre workshop, she also did a wonderful job.

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