Thursday, June 27, 2013

Supermoon Shots

Last weekend the kids and I packed up the Jeep and set out for a little nighttime fun - gazing at the supermoon.  We brought the telescope, which took me a good thirty minutes to figure out how to focus the darn thing so the kids could see the moon through it.  And after a couple of turns each, the kids were done, their interest waning.  The clouds rolled in and they ditched the telescope for the glow sticks.
For me, shooting the SUPERMOON was a great learning experience.  Learning - as in, the moon really does travel quite fast believe it or not, and if your shutter speed is not set to a quick capture, you'll end up with oblong shaped glow - instead of a perfectly symmetrical sphere.  Which was also part of the problem with the telescope - the moon was moving too quickly and I couldn't keep up with it.  Haha!
My longest lens is only 135mm and I knew I wasn't going to be able to capture some of the amazingly detailed images taken with something much more ideal - like 400mm or greater .  But, I knew there were still many different and creative ways I could give a try... and, here's a variety of my favorite captures.
Happy Thursday!
XOXO - Jess

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