Monday, July 13, 2015

Old Glory Mill and Mines - Arizona Jeep Adventures {mobile monday}

Ok so after our first botched attempt to find these Old Glory Mill ruins, we set out again early last Saturday morning more determined than ever to find them.  We embarrassingly discovered that it was not five minutes from the place we were last time when we couldn't find them - we simply didn't turn up the right path the first time we were out there.  It did not disappoint - nice easy trail, cool mountain air, sunshine, plenty to explore... mission accomplished!

I was reluctant to take my 5D with us on this trail because the first time we went out that way it was terribly dusty and I don't want to risk ruining my gear... but I was able to take these with my mobile phone.

Grandpa Dan and Military Man brought along their metal detectors and found a few junk pieces while Grandma and I made a make-shift picnic under a grove of mixed mesquite and sycamore trees.  We watched some mating dragonflies and talked about geodes.

It was a lovely day - except for the blazing sunburn Sam and I got on our shoulders after I had convinced him to take the top off the Jeep... the road back through Arivaca was long, and straight sun the entire way home.

Happy Trails!
xo - Jess

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