Monday, July 20, 2015

Corral Canyon / Mowry Trail - Arizona Jeep Adventures

We had an amazing time exploring some trails in the Sonoita/Patagonia area of southern Arizona this weekend.  Monsoon season was in full effect and really came down on us a few times... as you can see from the sheer darkness of the clouds - it was the real deal.  We were bombarded with hail and heavy rains through much of the rough areas in the Corral Canyon - unfortunately I was a little afraid of being struck by lightening and didn't want to drown my expensive camera so I wasn't able to get out and shoot the Jeeps climbing the rocks and navigating the mine pits... maybe next time - because it really is one of my favorite trails here in southern AZ.  I took most of the pictures out the window from the safety of the passenger seat.

As Military Man says: now, on the the next!

xo - Jess

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