Monday, September 22, 2014

Friday Night Lights and MORE! {mobile monday}

Our weeks have somewhat bled together but it's been a fun and lively type of busy... here's some highlights from the last two weeks via my mobile phone:

* Monkey Boy was recognized as Student of the Week, he also worked with his friend Ernie on a school project

* Freckle Face did her duty with NJROTC at the last couple of SHS football games while the rest of enjoyed the excitement from the bleachers

* Bug had her hand in a little of everything this month and worked hard on some projects for NJHS and cheerleading

* We 'endured' a couple of big hurricanes that came up from Baja/Mexican coast which caused a whole lot of flooding and storm damage throughout southern AZ - however, we fared well and are grateful for the rain

* Coming up this week we have some super rad events to shout about: the Aquabats in concert, the town's 20 year celebration, Fiesta Sahuarita and our last official week as a military family.

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