Friday, September 5, 2014

Chiva Falls

Finally made it all the way to Chiva Falls.  We stopped 3/4 mile from the end of the trail because it got a little too serious and we were alone and on a tight time frame.  Worried we wouldn't be able to maneuver the Jeep the rest of the way we decided to hike in on foot.

The "falls" weren't too impressive as it hadn't rained in about two weeks, but it still had beautiful and serene scenery.  We even saw a cougar footprint in the wet dirt next to the pools along the hike up... a little unnerving considering we were hiking into a secluded area surrounded by tall rocky walls with plenty of cave-like niches for a predator to lay in wait.  About an hour after we decided to head home the monsoon rains hit and caused a lot of flooding.  Happy we got out out of there when we did, although a flash-flood triggered waterfall would have been an incredible sight!

xo - Jess

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