Thursday, August 21, 2014

Swimming In The Pond

Military Man and I took a short day trip southeast of here through Corral Canyon.  The trail was awesome - very different from what we're used to.  The road was manageable but tight, sometimes barely enough room for the Jeep.  It was green as far as the eye could see, but don't let the heavy clouds and vibrant foliage fool you - it was still HOT! - humid and we caught the wrath of several mosquitoes when we hopped out to let the dogs run around and take a dip in the pond.  Copper was in dog heaven - he swam across that thing and back several times.  He also attempted to herd Daisy into the deep end to join him in the joy of swimming, but she was not liking the deep.  She mostly stuck to the shallow end and spent a good portion of her time dragging her chin along the edge of the water... weird girl!

It was nice to get out and explore a place that wasn't steep rock climbing and desert scape for a change.

- Jess

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