Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Summer Activities, part 2

Here's a brief look at the second half of our fabulous summer break... it went by far too quickly, that's for sure! 
* Monsoon season was a bit of a bust again this year, only a couple of good storms brought any actual, measurable rain to the desert.
* The kids enjoyed some Circus, Circus! in Las Vegas as we met Grandma for a two-week trade off.
* Cousin Jacob came down for a two-week visit we went camping and swimming and played video games.
* Grandma Brunette taught us how to make homemade candy - lollipops.
* Copper and Daisy made a new friend while camping, Tank.
* Copper and Daisy also got a little down when the kids were both gone to Utah and when they were packing backpacks in preparation for going back to school.

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