Wednesday, April 23, 2014

From The Fair

This was our first county fair experience and I have to say that it was awesome... (and pretty expensive - making notes for next year).  We set Freckle Face and her friends loose with a handful of tickets for rides and a pocket full of cash for food - her "birthday party."  Then Military Man and I took the other two hoodlums to rides and games and met up with a few friends of our own along the way.

Our Fair Highlights:
* Pre-sale 10 rides for $10 tickets - LIFESAVER as ticket for rides were $5 each the day of the fair.
* Tequila fried pickles
* Tilt-a-Whirl
* Reggae and dancing
* Ferris Wheels
* The Gravitron (or Alien Abduction as it's now called)
* Giant fried corndogs wrapped in bacon
* Monkey Boy won a miniature stuffed hamburger - the only person to win any of the stupid games we played
* Cotton candy and taffy
* Food poisoning from the funnel cakes.  Every. Stinkin. Last. Person that ate some.  Bleh!!

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