Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another "Playing Catch Up" Post

Doesn't he look exhausted?  Well we're all feeling just about exhausted.  March and April are always chaotic around the Brunette house - no matter how 'prepared' we think we are for it, it still seems to kick our butts.  Spring Break, our 16 year wedding anniversary, fundraisers, AIMS testing, registration for junior high and high school, an inspection at work and an air show at the base, Freckle Face's 14th birthday, Monkey Boy's 11th birthday, scouts, young women's activities, Pima County Fair, and throw Easter in there and it just becomes a big ol' crazy mess.

But that's just about behind us and we can settle down a bit and relax - hit the pool and soak up some of those sunny AZ rays.  Stay tuned for more 'catch up' posts... I did take a few pictures of our happenings when I had the chance.

xo - Jess

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