Sunday, November 17, 2013

SMS Choir Day

I received an email from Buggy's Choir teacher last week saying: "It is a joy having your daughter in choir every morning.  She is a bright young student willing to help out in class and answer questions.  The move to alto has been working out extremely well and she assists the students sitting next to her with vigor and success.  Thank you for supporting the arts and its inclusion in your daughter's life.  This email is to inform you that she has earned the privilege of attending and participating in the SUSD Choir Day."

Last week was one of the busiest on record for our family, and getting to see Bug perform was quite the task, but it was worth it.  She had been out of regular school classes all day for the Choir Day events, then she was cheering for the SMS basketball team's game after school, and from there she had to run to the auditorium and change into concert attire and be ready to perform for an audience that evening.  She's worked really hard and we're thankful she has chosen to enhance her talents and share them with others. 

- Jess

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