Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Costumes

The kids came up with some great costumes for Halloween this year.  Monkey Boy was set on dressing up as Randall Cobb - his favorite NFL player.  Luckily his jersey arrived the afternoon of, and he was able to complete his get up.  The only down side was the jersey we bought him wasn't designed for pads and he couldn't wear his football gear underneath - but he was still one happy kid in his Cobb jersey.
Buggy was all over the place as usual.  Halloween night she was THIS candy kid above.  In the days leading up to Halloween she was also dressed as a nerd, a masquerade princess, and NFL super-star Aaron Rodgers for different parties she attended.  I love that she just knows how to have fun and enjoy herself no matter what.
Didn't get but two shots of Freckle Face as she jetted off to her various Halloween activities this month - at least she was the same character every time she ran out the door.  She was a fox.  I helped her make that fox mask and her tail was the cutest part of her costume but she wouldn't ever let me take a picture of it.
Military Man and I dressed up as Packers Fanatics and 'tailgated' in our driveway handing out candy and tattoos to little trick-or-treaters.  The kids went out with their friends and then returned home to sort through their trick-or-treating treasures.

xoxo - Jess

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