Monday, September 23, 2013

Crawling Critters, Aggressive Turkeys and Spider Bites

I know it's been awhile since I sat down to share anything from our little piece of heaven here in Arizona on the blog.  The days have been - for lack of a better description - bleeding together.  A month ago I didn't think things could get any crazier around here, yet somehow they have and we are still happily in the game - doing well and making gains... and OH MY! it's nearly October already.  Boy these last few months have really flown by for us.

Today I have some shots of critters from Madera Canyon... I have been so busy that I have not taken much time to sit at the computer and go through the hundreds of pictures I've captured in the weeks passed.  These images were easy to whip out, so here ya go!  We've had many critter encounters lately, the above shots are what Copper and I came across (hundreds of them actually) on one of our three big hikes this month.  He was most amused with a pair of large deer that weren't more than twenty yards ahead of us on a trail but I wasn't able to take any pictures before my movements to the camera bag sent them jumping off into the trees.
A dozen of these wild turkeys were in the road as I was driving home early one evening from a photo shoot.  My clients and I were the only ones in the canyon there.  Since they were in the road, I stopped and got out of my car to snap some pictures.  I got a little worried when they started coming straight towards me... I figured they'd be frightened and take off when I got out but guess I was wrong.  I hurried back to my car and they left the road soon after where I was able to take these pictures from the safety of my car, lol.

And one more excitable critter encounter for the month: I sustained five spider bites last week and spent this weekend at the doctor's office with massive inflamed and blistering sores from the incident.  Two weeks of antibiotics, steroids, and prescription strength antihistamines for me... NOT FUN!

Hope ya'll have a great week!  I'll be back soon with more pictures... just as soon as I can slow down life for a few minutes :)
XOXO - Jess

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