Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sugarplum Fairy 5k

I enjoyed a fun run with a group of friends this weekend and handed over the camera to Military Man so he could capture some of the action.  Our team, the "Holly Jolly Joggers" was an assortment of experienced runners and fitness pros to casual joggers.  I love that even though our abilities and running levels were not competitively the same, we enjoyed each others company and cheered each other on.  These wonderful ladies are just so amazing that way!  P.S. I should've got a shirt, I didn't think much about it because my closet is full of tee shirts I never wear, but these shirts were awesome fitness shirts and looked really cool. I really stuck out in the group, which is never my intention, haha.

Everyone was a little unclear on the "start" line so we just sort of started to accumulate in the middle of the field waiting for the "GO!" signal, half of us, me included weren't really paying much attention and it was a little interesting for a few minutes.  I'm sure it was amusing to watch from a distant spectator.

I just love that Alex (above left) ALWAYS has a smile on her face, no matter what.  She is a genuinely happy and positive woman... I should strive to be more like her!

I laugh at this picture.... clearly I didn't plan my 'outfit' out very well as I feel like I look like an ostrich... with wings.

...and of course my dear sweet hubby was waiting at the finish line with roses and chocolates... he's THE BEST!!!

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