Monday, October 8, 2012

Reddington Pass Jeep Trails - Southern Arizona

Military Man had the day off work so he took the family on a Jeep trail through the Coronado National Forest first thing this morning.  We had plans to take Reddington Pass and turn off towards Chiva Falls... we didn't quite make it to the falls but we found the Chiva Pools.  It was very cool.  The kids and 'big boys' loved it!  I nearly broke my neck to get some of these shots... climbing on the unstable rock topped with rubble... slipped and went down.  I got pretty banged up but I'm okay - I saved my camera from the shock of the fall but I got a chip in the glass part of my favorite lens :(  boohoo!  So, I guess I'll be seeing how much a repair job will be - and I'll be taking extra care where I step next time I decide to go hiking with camera in hand.  More Chiva Pools images will be up soon.  Have a fabulous Monday friends!

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