Wednesday, October 10, 2012

For. Real.

It's been a week of "photography" highs and lows... *High* My very sweet hubby surprised me with a compact on + off camera flash - such an awesome gift!  *Low* On the very day that my new reflector arrived, I snapped the ring trying to fold it up - grrr!!!  *High* I am loving my Canon 1.4 and am working my way through the fact that it has no zoom capabilities.  *Low* As mentioned in an earlier post this week, I took a tumble while photographing our Jeep adventure.  My lower back and entire right side is black and blue and so so tender.  And I'm not sure if this last one is a high or low, but I've somehow managed to schedule 2 photography appointments every day this week... I'm happy to be busy but sometimes I think this is TOO busy!  Happy Wednesday friends!!

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