Saturday, August 25, 2012


Here's what we've been up to lately... 
Enjoying our backyard fire pit with dutch-oven dinners, weenie roasts and s'mores with super fun friends.  We've been working hard (distinguished visitors, looming hurricane, 12th AF 70th celebration), and studying harder (sometimes I just HATE homework as much as my kids do... seriously, why does my brain hurt when I help my middle-schoolers with their homework?!).  I've been cleaning and organizing, taking the kids to the pool to escape the still inferno-like heat.  Together with the dogs, we've been watching some most incredible amazing lightening storms as this has been one of the most intense monsoon seasons we've experienced since moving here.  We've also been planning for our pending overseas move by going to appointments, yard selling (I think I've bought more than I've gotten rid of, haha!), exercising like the zombie apocalypse is approaching, (seriously - we've been working our butts off!) .... and on, and on!

Finally made my own mod podge and finished my mom's 50th birthday keepsake.  Mod Podge recipe found here.  It took me awhile to get the photos just right, but it will be nice to send off a package for the family in Utah soon.

On the down low, we've been putting together a "baby sitting" kit for Buggy's birthday next week by using ideas I've found on Pinterest.  Some of the items I didn't have pinned to a board, but were still inexpensive do-it-yourself projects that Monkey Boy and Freckle Face could easily help me with.  Bean Bags sewn from old jeans, a car mat using an old sheet and sharpies, soap box card games, some of their primary-age books and dvd's.  Many of the items we were able to purchase at the dollar store for cheap or re-purpose items we had around the house.

Here's a few of the ideas with links - it's all very cute and very fun stuff:
Find-It Jar
Kool-Aid Salt Dough
Bubbles, Flubber, Sidewalk Paint
Rain Sticks
And later next month, I'm going to help Buggy make THESE cute finger puppets.

I picked up these two boxes at the dollar store to hold all the babysitting items in, but I will probably look for something more practical - with a lid and handles.

Military Man has been trying to help me finish up a few projects I've had on my "things to-do someday" list - things that only take a couple of hours to finish, but I've always been missing one or two necessities to wrap them up.  

And theses guys went shooting with some friends.  Dad said it was to "use up all our ammo" since we won't be taking it to our next base.  The kids didn't mind what the 'reason' was, they just had fun doing it.

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