Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gila Valley Arizona Temple

Saturday we took a drive out to the Gila Valley Temple in Safford.  We were almost persuaded by the Temple President to take Talia in for baptisms, which is going to be wonderful for her first time, but we didn't want to leave the other two without supervision.  Turns out she didn't want to 'babysit' them and there was quite the drama going on outside while we were in session inside.  Complete with a telephone call to Grandma to mediate the situation.  Good grief!  I'll try not to complain, but seriously - we can't just have ONE morning without parents overseeing EVERYTHING!!! Oh well, what can ya do?!  They all survived and things were fine.
I asked the kids to take a quick picture of us since we never get pictures of just us two - one of us is always behind the camera.  Looking at our squinting faces reminds me that I'm so NOT ready for MORE of this intense heat and blinding sun for the next four months!!!

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