Monday, October 12, 2015

Our Cr-Azy Fun Fall Break {mobile monday}

Ok... so I guess it's safe to say that 2015 is NOT going to be a big blogging year for me.  It's October for crying out loud - Fall Break, even.  The time has passed us by and I've not kept up with sharing all of our busy Brunette happenings like I used to.  Here's a quick run down of what's been going on via mobile phone pics.  I'll get back to regular posting - I just can't make any promises for the near future.

* We've had a great time this season sharing the bleachers with family and friends cheering on Sahuarita Mustangs Varsity football.  The biggest celebration game was the SHS vs. WGHS - our small town's only two high schools on one field, we had friends on both sides ...it was quite a fun night!

* Buggy took off with her BFF Hannah to the Gulf of Mexico over the fall break week.  A week of camping on the beach... swimming in the ocean, building sand castles, roasting s'mores in the campfire, watching fireworks, collecting sea shells and dodging sting rays.  She came back home with sand in every-single-thing she took with her, a rat's nest hair-do and a perfectly bronzed tan.

* She also left me a large note on the fridge reminding me to PLEASE REMEMBER to feed her frog and fish while she was away.  This comes after the small panic attack I had when she was gone to Utah for three weeks this summer and I completely FORGOT about feeding the frog.  Poor little guy was so happy to see her when she got home... oops!  I can't believe he was still alive, but I'm very thankful he was okay and lived to see me feed him this vacation time.

* Freckle Face's BFF Lauren (and her twin sister Maddie) came down from Montana to stay with us for the whole week.  It was a joyous reunion.  I didn't see much of them unless they needed a ride somewhere, ha ha!  They spent a lot of time chatting, swimming, playing games, hanging out at the mall, and all that other fun teenage stuff.

* Monkey Boy enjoyed some time playing basketball and video games with Chris and Caitlyn, playing street hockey and making meals with Nick, going to the movies and visiting the Reid Park Zoo with the Facklers... and so much more.

*  He also enjoyed his first temple trip to Mesa with a few of the youth from our ward.  He was recently called as Deacon's Quorum president and has been prayerfully weighing his options for who to call as his counselors.

*  The kids finished out the first quarter with all A's and a couple of B's on their report cards.  They're doing very well in school and their teachers all had really great (and sweet) things to say about them at parent-teacher conferences.  I'm so proud of them... they're such great kiddos and I'm always glad to hear they're working hard and doing their best. 

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