Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our Last Week of Summer

Our last week of summer was jam-packed with back-to-school shopping, get-togethers, and all sorts of fun!  Here's some of our highlights:

* Freshman orientation for Bug (pictured above with her friend Tianna).  She was nervous but so excited to be able to see her friends she hadn't seen all summer and to see what her schedule was going to be like.

* Unfortunately for the girls, the schedules still had not been made and no one was able to see what classes they had for a few more days... they were still in the process of hiring counselors, so they had to be patient for a few days longer.

* I was asked to come in for a job interview at SMS with Project Inspire... hoping that goes well although I do have an offer for a job in the downtown Tucson area if this doesn't work out.  I really want to stay around Sahuarita and work the same hours that the kids will be in school, so this would be the ideal job for me.

* 7th Grade open house for Monkey Boy... he was none too thrilled, but we made an appearance just long enough to say hello to a few friends and pick up his schedule for the coming school year.

* Freckle Face was scheduled for her ortho surgery (anchor implants) but luckily for her, that ended up not happening since her roots are still not ready for them to be in place.

* NJROTC early morning orientation all week for Bug... MSGT even invited Freckle Face to come join in the fun for one of the days.  They had a lot of fun together... and it was not nearly as bad as Buggy thought it was going to be.  She didn't even throw up on the first day!

* Monkey Boy and BFF Christopher went canoeing and camping with the scouts at Patogonia Lake, they had a lot of fun - got dirty and REALLY sunburned!!!

* Enjoyed a few good monsoon storms - LOVE this time of year here in southern Arizona.

* Ran into Ronald McDonald as we were out doing some last minute school supply shopping... he was happy to give us a smile and a wave while we were waiting in front of him at a traffic light.  Buggy was all too embarrassed to turn around and take a picture, but she was glad she mustered the courage.

* She also took the opportunity to sneak in some selfies while her big sister was sound asleep on the way home.  Girl's asking for trouble!!!

* The kids all had a blast at the end of summer youth lake trip on Saturday too.  They spent the whole day diving, swimming and canoeing on Patagonia Lake with the young men and young women and leaders from the ward.

xo - Jess

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