Saturday, June 28, 2014

YW's Camp Adventure

Freckle Face and Buggy had the adventure of a lifetime at their young women's camp - Northern Arizona University.  Just six girls, two leaders and two priesthood holders!  Here's some pictures they took of their activities... I am sure they'll have much more to write about than I can do here.  I'll have them share their experiences in a little more detail at a later time.

So, first stop en route from southern AZ to the cool of the mountains in northern AZ - the construction of the Phoenix Temple.  Bishop Elam was able to receive a keepsake brick from the crew working that day.

Next stop, Montezuma's Well and Castle.

Day Two: Ten hours of challenge courses at NAU.

Freckle Face was the first one to attempt this jump and the only one to land with a full grasp of the bar!

 Day Three: Ten mile hike to Humphrey's Peak

 Day Four: Canoeing on Mormon Lake and a visit to the Observatory.

 Day Five: Spelunking in the Lava Caves

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  1. I like the 2 photos of them all exhausted. Otherwise a wonderful trip together !