Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bobcat of the Month Award

Monkey Boy was selected as the Bobcat of the Month today.  This is a snap of him and his sweet teacher Mrs. Schauer-Johnson... she's fantastic - we adore and appreciate her!  This will make the fifth consecutive year he's received the award.  He actually got it twice in second grade (Owl of the Month) because shortly after we moved here and were feeling established the school needed another teacher due to the large number of students enrolled and Monkey Boy ended up switching teachers and he received the award from both teachers in consecutive months.  Actually, to brag on all my kiddos a little bit... the girls also received the Bobcat of the Month award for each year they've been here, and Freckle Face also received the Most Improved Bobcat award in fifth grade.  I sure am proud of my babies!  And I'm still in denial that Freckle Face will be in high school next year.  HIGH SCHOOL.  Yes, this is gonna happen... and quicker than I wanted it to.

- Jess

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