Friday, January 24, 2014

Four Years {favorite friday}

Yes it's been too long! ...I've decided to bring back {favorite friday} posts in an effort to keep me "doing" -  so today's feature is from four years ago this week, Copper was a six month old sweet and playful puppy.  On this particular morning he'd been out for an early morning walk with the kids and I when he was attacked by a lose pit bull.  The experience was, I'm sure, more traumatic for the kids than for him as he bounced back quickly and there was no permanent damage - thankfully! 
Today's Copper is still much the same - adorable and joyous - and such a blessing to have counted as one of our family.

You can see more {favorite friday} posts here.  I'm sure most of the good ones were deleted when I redesigned the blog in 2012... but I guess I can start building the stock pile back up again. 

Happy Friday!
- Jess

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