Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twinkies + Monsoon Season: Our Last Two Weeks of Summer

Our fantastic summer vacation is winding down.  Football (hell week) started for Monkey Boy yesterday.  School begins next week and cheer leading tryouts are coming up shortly after that.  It has been a great summer, although I am welcoming the idea of a more structured schedule and many of my LOVES come with autumn, like football and pumpkins and cooler, more bearable weather.  The monsoon rains seemed to have hit a little bit later in this year and it has definitely been a welcome change from the six continuous weeks of 103-115*F+ heat... even the dogs have been out enjoying the hot rain showers, watching the flood waters rush by and splashing about in the remaining puddles.  The image above is the last one my camera snapped before I was mowed over while trying to snap some pictures of the kids and dogs playing in the rain - such a HAPPY PUPPY!
I only bought ONE box, but ate far more than my share of America's beloved Twinkies.  I also (probably should not have) let the kids watch the tv edited version of Zombieland, which they loved even though they did not fully appreciate half of the references in the dialog... they will forever associate Twinkies with the zombie apocolypse... good times :)

XOXO - Jess

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