Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Building A Snowman

We had only been in Utah two days when it started to snow like crazy.  The kids first saw the snow bright and early and were too eager to wait until there was more snow later in the day.  So at 7am they set out, still in their pajamas, to make a snowman with only about an inch of snowfall.

This snowman was composed of some parts snow, and other parts fall leaves, pine needles, sticks and gravel.  The bottom was so big, Freckle Face had to call in help from Monkey Boy to roll it back up the hill into the backyard where the other half of the snowman was being constructed.

Two kids wasn't enough muscle, so Buggy jumped in to see if she could help them roll it up the hill.  At this point they were all just about frozen solid with their meager winter clothing soaking wet with snow.

Dad eventually assisted in getting the top half set up there to complete their snowman.

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